Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series: Anxiety Attacks

How to STOP Anxiety Attacks and Reclaim Your Life

Over the last nine years we've uncovered the biggest challenges people face with anxiety attacks. The three concerns we hear most include the fear of an attack, not knowing the cause of an attack, and managing anxiety.

In the Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series, we respond to these three challenges with step-by-step teachings, tools, and techniques to help you overcome anxiety attacks and reclaim your life.

This supportive course is for you
if you're ready to STOP Anxiety Attacks
and Reclaim Your Life Now.

In the Anxiety Slayer First Responder Series, you will find supportive modules and lessons to help you feel safe and calm.

  • Discover and clear the things that increase the risk of anxiety attacks
  • Learn the core technique that can stop an anxiety attack in it’s tracks
  • Know how to calm daily anxiety and why it’s important
  • Explore Tapping for Fear of an Anxiety Attack & Relief from the Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack

You'll also get extra support for:

- how to stop anxiety when it wakes you at night

- how to calm yourself after an anxiety attack

- relaxing your nervous system with a guided self-compassion and calming session

Plus you'll receive a Bonus guided affirmations recording to help you get through your day. And our SOS Guided Audio to help you feel safe and calm anywhere, anytime.

The key to breaking free from the anxiety attack cycle is in calming and supporting the thoughts and triggers that provoke the attacks. This kind of support needs to be thorough, and cover anxiety from different angles; the symptoms, the fear of the fear. and learning how to stop an attack in its tracks.

You will learn all of this in this course.

Your Instructor

Shann & Ananga
Shann & Ananga

This course is brought to you by Shann & Ananga, hosts of the award-winning Anxiety Slayer podcast.

Armed with our combined experience in Life Coaching, Yoga, Ayurveda, NLP, Relaxation Hypnosis and EFT Tapping plus years of experience and real passion for what we do - we are here to share our favourite tricks and tips to help you shake yourself free from anxiety.

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